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Maintenance Services

To many industries, a continuous production is a vital factor. Therefore, any risk of disruption of the output has to be minimized through a high quality maintenance service.

SP International Engineering can provide both preventive and corrective maintenance for plants (power generation, manufacturing), platforms, rigs, ships, tank farms, refineries, pipelines and many more.

SP’s scope in terms of maintenance includes, but not limited to:

v Mechanical & rotating machines: Inspection & testing

  • Engines (diesel and gas)

  • Pumps (fire, centrifugal)

v Piping & vessels:

  • Internal cleaning (class 1 & 2):

  • Air flushing

  • Steam cleaning

  • Chemical cleaning

  • Pigging

  • Corrosion protection (sandblasting)

  • Pneumatic leak testing

  • Protection

  • Suction filter

  • Safety valves

  • Anti-surge systems

v Instrumentation & Electrical devices calibration

v Steel structures removal and replacement

The quality, safety and speed of its services make of SP International Engineering a designated choice for any shut down maintenance work.

Should any of its customers require so, SP International Engineering can also conduct a preventive maintenance audit and use its experience to ban any unforeseen incident.


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