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Instrumentation Services

SP’s aim is to provide a complete set of Instrumentation services. Thus, design, procurement, calibration, installation and also commissioning can be included in our scope of work.

At the design stage, SP will issue all the relevant documents, such as:

  • Process flow diagrams

  • Piping & Instrumentation diagrams

  • Break down drawings

  • Wiring documents

  • ESD matrices

  • Logic diagrams of safety & automatic control devices

  • Loop and trouble shooting diagrams

Our capabilities apply to the main functional blocks:

v Control:

  • Process control systems

  • Control panels both pneumatic and electronic (machinery,metering/subsea packages)

v Safety:

  • Emergency shut down

  • Fire & Gas detection/protection

  • Alarms

v And also to:

  • Weatherproofing/fireproofing

  • Instrument power supply

  • Hydraulic instruments supply

Calibration: SP International Engineering can perform a regular calibration of your instruments:

  • Flowmeter

  • Gauge glass (liquid, tubular, reflex, thru-vision)

  • Pressure gauge/transmitter/switch

  • RTD

  • Control valve

  • ON/OFF valve (Shut down, break down)

  • Relief and discharge valve


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