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Fabrication Services


  • A 9,200 SQM facility with 900 SQM of covered fabrication, blasting and painting areas, 500 SQM of office and conference facilities and 5,900 SQM of open work area and storage space.

  • Qualified QA/QC, HSE and welding procedures

  • Experienced and Qualified construction workers

  • Post-weld Heat Treatment Services (PWHT)

  • Non Destructive Testing Services (NDT)

SP International Engineering is well armed to undertake the complete fabrication, blasting, painting and testing of any package.

v Steel structures:
      Bridge, catwalk, ladder, skid, lifting beam, equipment support (chassis, pipe support)

v Tanks:
      Buoyancy, storage (Oil, water, chemicals)

v Pressure vessels

v Offshore Modules, laboratory containers, baskets, chiller containers

v Piping:
      Glass reinforced, CS, SS, CuNi, Inconel.

v Pipelines

SP can handle various types of non-austenitic metals, specifically:

w Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel



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