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Scope of Services

Here is a short glimpse on what SP International Engineering can
do for you.  For a more details, click the links on the left.

v    Engineering
Accurate surveys, design, drafting, calculations and procurement

v    Fabrication
Fabrication, painting and complete testing of:

  • Piping systems

  • Steel structures/ buildings/ work containers

  • Storage tanks

  • Pressure vessels

v    Instrumentation & Electrical
Design, calibration installation and commissioning

v    Offshore & Onshore Installation
Rigging, scaffolding, fitting, welding of pre-fabricated structures and piping

v    Maintenance
For both Offshore & Onshore facilities: Piping, steel structures, mechanical, instrumentation, electrical

v    Manpower Supply
Providing a full range of technical experts, Thais as well as foreigners


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